Database of drugs that can not be cut or crushed

This database presents all of Canada's oral medications that cannot be cut or crushed and possible alternatives. It is updated on the first day of each month. You can access and print it for use in your professional activities .

Can transdermal patches be cut?

The following documents (links) will help the health professional to determine which transdermal patches can be cut or modified. However, the context in which the patches will be used, should always be evaluated first.
In a hospital setting, qualified personnel is available to perform the necessary manipulations, according to a well established protocol, and in case ...

Alternative routes of medication administration

When a medication is administered by a different route than the one for which it has been approved, it is called a ''non official'', ''non approved'', ''Off Label'' or alternative route of administration. Many examples come to mind, such as an oral tablet given rectally, ophtalmic drops given orally or a parenteral solution given orally.

About the Author

Peter Dvorak earned a Bachelor of Pharmacy in 1996 at the University of Montreal, a Postgraduate Diploma in Community Pharmacy at Laval University in Quebec City in 2002 and a CTH (Certificate in Travel Health) from the International Society of Travel Medicine in 2015. He has 21 years of experience in community pharmacy as a pharmacist employee, Chief pharmacist and pharmacy owner . He is the author of fifteen scientific articles in journals Quebec Pharmacie and Actualité Pharmaceutique. For his contribution to the continuous education of his peers, he was awarded the Blue Pages 1996 Quebec Pharmacy award, IMS HEALTH 2000 award and 2005 Quebec your care Pharmacy award. For the past ten years, he is interested in the oral medications formulations and the possibility to modify them in order to facilitate administration to patients with swallowing difficulties . He currently owns two community pharmacies in the Montreal region.